How do I use my 2 line configuration?

The two line configuration feature allows for two extensions to be enabled on your adapter at the same time. To utilize this feature, simply plug a phone into the “LINE 2” port on your PAP2 adapter. The feature will allow both extensions to be used independent of eachother.

Call Scenarios:

Someone Calls You:

-And You Are On The Phone- The line beeps to tell you there’s another call coming in, but the new line also rings, allowing another member of your family to pick up the call. Now two people can be on the phone with two separate calls simultaneously

-And No One Is On The Phone- Both phones will ring, whichever phone you pick up first will be connected to the call. The line not connected is still available to make phone calls, etc.

Outgoing Calls:
Call Out- You can call out on either or both lines simultaneously at any time. Both lines will show your caller id as normal.