What is the virtual phone “evc4web”?

It is a piece of software installed on your computer that works like a real telephone. This softphone provides multifunctional high availability and a range of appropriate features, including softphone SIP, SMS and instant messaging.

Other service features: speed dialing, address book, easy access to recent calls, outgoing numbers, status messages, real-time call costs, voice mail messages stored on our server, “call transfer” and “do not disturb” service for each DID, direct access to call history, payment & updated fees.

To make calls through evc4web, you need a mobile phone with symbian or windows mobile and also access to the internet. The service essentially “follows you” over the phone you currently use.

By activating the service on your phone, you can also buy a geographic number. In this case, those who call you will call a fixed number and will be charged as if they made a local call. So both you and those who call you can talk on the cheapest rates on the market.