what’s the “call forwarding” feature?

By using this service, you can divert incoming calls and forward them to your mobile phone, fixed or voice mail. The redirection rules depend on the state of your phone line, ie the availability of the VoIP device you use.

There are three different line situations: busy, no answer, offline. The case of “No Answer” is activated when there’s no answer to an incoming call for a predetermined amount of time (the time may be changed from the default value of the menu “Virtual numbers”). “Offline” is when your device is disconnected from the network. “Busy” is when you’re already in a conversation.

You can also specify different destinations:

• when the line is busy, all incoming calls can go to your voicemail
• unanswered calls can be forwarded to your mobile phone
• when traveling abroad, you can divert incoming calls to a prepaid mobile phone in the country.

Furthermore, the transmission rules can be defined incrementally, for example when the mobile phone to which calls are forwarded is busy or unreachable, the system can try another number specified by priority. To activate this rule, define the field “priority” behind the menu “call forwarding” in the portal. (“0” has the highest priority).