EasyVoipCall's Cloud PBX solution is a virtual phone service which delivers the features and capabilities of a traditional PBX telephone system without having to own and maintain PBX equipment. It helps you eliminate up-front capital investment, installation and on-going operating expenses related to your business phone system and its part of a unified services solution which, among others, includes free smartphone mobile services, a free softphone & Evcmobi communicator. Our Cloud PBX solution is self-managed via a user-friendly web portal, provides a host of handy features and helps you significantly reduce your communications costs overnight!

Up to 100 extensions

Create auto-attendants with as many extensions (subaccounts) as you wish.

Sound Professional

Auto-attendant, voicemail, call recording, music on hold, dial-by-name & many other features.

Toll-free numbers

Get your own toll-free number for your business. Make your business look more professional and build customer confidence.

Expand Globally

Create your company's structure, add branches & subaccounts, purchase numbers (DID's) from thousands of cities world wide. Open markets in other areas of the world.

Make sure you never need a new phone system again!

EVCOFFICE Cloud PBX is an online phone system that is designed to simplify operations for your business and improve productivity. It offers you :

  • NO operating costs.
  • Free calls between your employees to any of your branches or offices, no matter where they are located, even internationally!
  • Our packages are bundled with 100 extensions per account.
  • An easy to self-manage system using the Online Portal.
  • Flexiblity to move and grow with your business needs.
  • Advanced call features included for FREE such as call forwarding, auto attendant, voicemail to email, music on hold and more!
  • Free smartphone mobile services for each account (your sales people can use them on the go or at the office).
  • Free SMS between branches / accounts.
  • Free video conferencing.
  • Free calls to all other Easyvoipcall customer accounts!

How does Cloud PBX work?


Cloud PBX telephone system is just like having a phone system in your office, except the features and functions run from our servers. This saves you the cost of buying your own telephone system. Simply connect the IP-enabled handsets to your internet connection and you are ready to make and receive phone calls with Cloud PBX using the Broadband Phone service.

Your company's structure


  • Add new pbx users accounts & assign extensions (internal numbers)
  • Group users into logical or geographical units
  • Create multiple organizational dimensions for grouping users
  • Free and easy calling among extensions

Cloud PBX notifications


  • Voicemail notification to email or to SMS, as MP3 file attachment via email, soon Voicemail as text via SMS
  • Voicemail management directly from the PBX Portal,listening to voice messages from web (MP3 streaming)
  • Various actions depending on the caller ID of the person who left a message
  • Actions dependant on the time of the day
  • Other events notifications

Auto attendant

  • Receptionist – Auto attendant with personalized greetings and personalized scenarios associated with particular incoming phone numbers,
  • Caller's inputs can be mapped to a user/extension, a hunt group, voicemail or to another scenario.
  • We offer various hunt group options.

More features

  • Mapping user’s inputs to scenarios, extensions, hunt groups, external phone numbers; unlimited number of inputs per scenario; associating voice messages (greetings) with scenarios.
  • Hunt groups - groups of phone numbers designated to answer incoming calls; sequential and simultaneous methods of calling to hunt group’s members
  • Voicemail with welcome messages dependent on caller’s phone number and inbound number; Voicemail hearing directly from PBX Portal.
  • Answering rules - various behavior on incoming call depending on the call’s source, caller ID and other parameters
  • Web module for uploading voice files recorded in wav or mp3 format and further voice files management
  • Adding users, extensions, branches
  • Music on call waiting, music or announcement played instead of ring tone while connecting the call, depending on the caller ID; music on hold.
  • Contacts - advanced address book accessible from the Web or Evcmobi softphone; direct dialing, direct conference, direct SMS to contact’s phone numbers.
  • Webphone - flash component (no additional installation required)
  • Instant messenger - available from the PBX Portal or from Evcmobi softphone; chat rooms, presence, file transfer
  • Voicemail notifications - depending on caller ID, through SMS or through email, voicemail message to email as mp3 file
  • Reports, statistics, invoices, payments, calls history, missed calls, speed dial.
  • Integration with online payment systems (paypal, authorize net and several others).
  • SMS sender, bulk SMS sending to groups from Contacts

Why EasyVoipCall Cloud PBX?

  • Make unlimited FREE CALLS inside your company, no matter where your offices are located.
  • Callers can reach you directly from browser without installing any software.
  • Access call history with notes - call records & voicemails left by the caller.
  • Get complete caller's information before you answer the call.
  • Free smartphone mobile services with every account.
  • Free calling card features (you can use your account as a calling card).

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