Your LOCAL phone number (DID)

EasyVoipCall offers both US/Canada phone numbers and international numbers (currently in XXX countries). All phone numbers 801 are reachable worldwide and at great value from all networks. You can add new phone numbers to your Easyvoipcall account at any time.

How much do phone numbers cost?

After upgrading to one of our packages, the first phone number you book in your account will be free of charge. This number will be yours to keep as long as your account remains active. Additional phone numbers will then be charged .

Build a nation-wide presence

Unlike your normal landline telephone number, you can select DID numbers in any region, of any state, regardless of your physical location. This means your business can build a nation-wide presence: Advertise DID numbers in every state so customers can contact you for the cost of a local call.

Bring your current numbers with you (number porting)

PORTINGIf you are an existing business and you are planning to move offices, one of the most important aspects of the move is to retain your number. In the past, the transfer of numbers was only possible within your exchange area. For example, if you were moving your offices to a new city, it would be impossible without incurring expensive divert charges to take your company number with you. Easyvoipcall's number porting service allows us to port numbers from all major providers and allow you to keep your number wherever you move.

Please contact our support and send the telephone number you would like to move over. We will then send you the required forms to fill in, which must then be signed and returned to us.

Toll Free Numbers

800Are you a business wanting to provide a toll-free after sales phone service? Want a portable number that you can keep no matter where you’re located? Like a simple way of keeping track of your marketing and advertising responses by having a specific phone number customers can call?

toll free number lets you do all this and more. By offering a toll-free number, you're letting customers know that they are important to your business no matter what reason they have for calling. We currently offer numbers in US, Canada, Greece etc etc and will have more available very soon.

Why choose us? We offer:

  • Great low monthly rates
  • No minimum call spend
  • No flagfall


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