Callback service

Callback service is a great way to save money on international calls. It can be used to make cheap calls from any country in the world to any other country.

Callback can be used to make calls from any kind of telephone as long as you can receive an incoming phone call. Callers can save a significant amount of money by using international callback, especially those located in high tariff countries. It is also convenient and easy to use. We offer three different international callback options.

1. Regular Callback

We help you to eliminate cellular outbound airtime. Regular callback works with cell phones with few or no outgoing minutes:

1. Dial the access number, and hang up.
2. After you receive the callback, enter destination phone number followed by the # key.
3. Wait for Easyvoipcall to connect the call for you

Since Easyvoipcall calls you and your friend, it is incoming call for you both and you avoid using the expensive outbound minutes by the mobile carriers.

Authorization methods:

  • By PIN the system calls back to the caller ID that has come with the call, after the call is connected the IVR prompts for a PIN, after successful authorization the two stage dialing scenario is processed
  • By Caller ID (ANI) the system tries to authorize the Caller ID received with the triggering call, if authorization is successful (the caller ID is associated with a user account in the system), the system makes a call to the caller ID or to a default phone number assigned to the user account (defined by the user e.g. from the web)
  • By DID in this method each user has a unique DID (virtual phone number) associated with his/her account. After dialing this DID the system initiates a call to a predefined phone number associated with the account (not the caller ID). This service is mainly for users that for requesting callback use phone services with blocked caller ID.

2. SMS callback

In this method the call to the user is initiated by an SMS (short text message) sent from a mobile phone to our service number.

Using the commands contained in the SMS text, the user can send various requests to the system, not only to trigger the callback but also to register the callerID for authorization purposes, check the current account balance or initiate a conference between two numbers.

The allowed commands are shown on the picture below :

3. Web callback

The web callback is sometimes refered to as to web conference or “connect two” service. User, after logging in to the Portal, can provide both numbers for source connection (legA) and the destination (legB). The system will try to connect both parties. During the whole process user can see real time messages on the each leg status (alerting, connected, ended, busy etc.).

The video below shows how the web callback works. Please notice that the callerID being displayed on the source leg (Iphone mobile) is the one entered by the user in the destination field. This is becouse our system forwards callerIDs from one called party to another.

In addition a user can select method of how the callback is carried out, i.e. whether it tries to connect the source first and only when connected to source, starts dialing the destination number or to start calling both numbers simultaneously.


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