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EasyVoipCall is used regularly by people in their daily lives in order to communicate with their friends, colleagues, relatives living abroad or within the same city. It also offers unlimited free calls between users using the desktop, home service or smartphone apps.


With years of experience in providing custom tailored VoIP solutions to large, mid size and startup companies, Easyvoipcall has gained a valuable know-how and expertise of the traditional telecom businesses and the emerging telecom trends. We have learned to anticipate customer needs and to offer valuable business suggestions for best solution implementations.

Our system supports all of the traditional telecom business models such as: prepaid and postpaid wholesale VoIP, prepaid and postpaid retail VoIP, calling cards, callback, call shop, Internet café, hotels, etc. In addition our team can address and custom tailor updates or platform add-ons as requested by our clients.


Enterprise VoIP

Companies switch to VoIP for different reasons - substantial cost savings on long distance calls, eliminating telecom charges on calls between company locations, control and security of calls, ease of integration, flexibility and mobility of employees, various enhanced voice features and applications, consolidated network and cost management and many more.


Calling Cards Solution

The Calling Cards remains a major segment in the enhanced telephony services.
Calling Cards operators usually target niche markets segmented by various demographic or ethnic characteristics. Calling Cards have been especially popular for making low cost international calls.


Wholesale Solution

Our wholesale solution targets services providers which offer postpaid and prepaid call exchange services or act as voice traffic aggregators.
In this business models carriers act as “man in the middle” for voice services. They profit from buying and aggregating routes from partners and selling them at margin to other partners.


Call Shops and Internet Cafés

Call Shops and Internet Cafés are very popular in countries where the cost of the telephony services is relatively high or the number of telecom providers is small and heavily regulated.
Resorts and tourist attractions areas are also popular places where the Call Shop/Internet Café businesses have developed well.


Callback Solution

Callback has gained popularity in recent years as a cost effective alternative to long distance and international calling.
Our system implements various types of callback services such as ANI/DNIS callback, Web callback, Email callback, SMS callback, Web Services callback API.

Our clients say :

Killer App! You might as well skip Skype… this blows it away! Not only can I use Easyvoipcall on my phone but I can also use it on my PC & even my old handset!
Marissa L. / Seo Marketing Tips

PC Communicator

Use our services from your desktop, with our softphone that enables voice over IP, SMS over IP and instant messaging. A high quality softphone which is distributed free of charge for our clients.

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