Private Label Phone Cards

We assist phone card retailers to develop their own private label brand through our private label phone cards and PIN service. You control your margins and discounts by working with our team to establish a custom rate table. We can provide PINs for your use or assist in the card design and printing.

Private Label Phone Cards also give companies the opportunity to brand their own prepaid long distance cards. These customized company phone cards serve as an excellent tool to market your business, at the same time providing your company with an additional revenue stream.

Your branded phone cards can be marketed and distributed in numerous retail outlets according to your goals and objectives. Easyvoipcall serves as your back-end design and implementation team, leaving you to enjoy the profits your phone cards bring.


We will provide you with the necessary services from the initial concept right through to retail execution. Advantages and in-house resources you will be provided with include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional graphic designers.
  • Website design and development.
  • Market experts for rate development.
  • Print and finishing facility for all cards and merchandising materials.
  • Switching facilities & direct routes to over 60 countries worldwide.

Phone card features:

  • PINless dialing
    Your clients can store multiple telephone numbers in one PIN so our system will authenticate caller based on ANI.
  • Custom voice prompts
    Save your own greeting messages to increase branding. Record promotional messages and take advantage of the promotional card business.
  • Multiple recharge options
    Setup convenient methods of recharging accounts. You can choose auto-recharge when balance goes below a pre-set amount, recharge through web site or telephone IVR.
  • Instant credit card charge
    We will provide you with an API that will instantly send a request to authorize and charge your customer’s credit card.
  • International toll free access
    Low cost toll free access from US, Canada, Latin America and Europe. More countries coming soon! All of your toll free numbers will pass the ANI to enable PINless dialing.

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