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EasyVoipCall offers customers the first unified account for Home or SoHo. Every account comes equipped with ECVMOBI app. Just download & install the free EVCMOBI app on your Smartphone or PC and take your account with you, no matter where you are worldwide.


What is it?

EasyVoipCall is a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service which utilizes your existing Internet connection (cable, DSL, wireless) to plug you directly in to the regular telephone network. Our technology allows you to make phone calls over the internet instead of using standard telephone lines. By taking advantage of this innovation, we provide you with super low-cost phone calls worldwide. Plus a whole suite of amazing features to enhance your experience.

for your Smartphone

We bring the power of our innovative VoIP features to the palm of your hand!

  • SAVE up to 90% on all your calls!
  • Call direct from your mobile phone.
  • QUICK START - Register, download Evcmobi app and call in 3 min.

for your Regular Phone

Use your regular phone to make crystal clear phone calls with a phone adapter configured for Easyvoipcall.

  • Huge savings. Local and long distance calls at 10% price of the incumbent telephone company.
  • Use your regular home phone to make quality internet calls.
  • Installation process is easy. You just plug and play!
  • Bring the adapter with you wherever you go. It's like making your home phone portable.

for your Computer

PC communicator is a computer program that runs on your PC which lets you make free calls and receive free calls. Anywhere you have a desktop or laptop with an Internet connection, you can enjoy the cost-saving benefits of Easyvoipcall free calling.

There is no cost and no catch to using Easyvoipcall. Try it now and make your very first free call!. There is no cost and no catch to using Easyvoipcall. Try it now and make your very first free call!

Calling card services

If you are away from home or traveling, you can use your airtime through any landline phone in the world! All you need is to remember your password (PIN number) and enter it when prompted.

  • If you're calling from Greece, use the number 8077222 or 8078021 (additional service charge : 0.02 euros / min) and enter the password when prompted.
  • If you're calling from US / Canada, use the number 1-888-7780031 (additional service charge : 0.07 euros / min).

Call worldwide at the lowest rates

Keep in touch with your friends and family – virtually anywhere in the world – for next to nothing. Low everyday rates for international calling. No commitment required.

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We compare EVCMOBI with skype, compare free services & features that each brand offers, compatibility with regular phone systems, call costs, the contract length, emergency calls support, their Smartphone apps & much more.

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PC Communicator

Use our EVCMOBI softphone from your PC or laptop, take your account wherever you go, send SMS or call worldwide without additional charges to your account. Our high quality softphone is distributed free of charge to all our clients.

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