Voice over IP (Voip) is one of the telecommunication industry's fastest growing markets. In 2012, Voip subscribers are expected to more than quarduple, jumping from 45 million to at least 180 million.

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  • Our PC to phone solution enables you to provide your customers with the cheapest way to make international and long distance calls. An attractive and customised dialer will make your customers smile with satisfaction every time they call their loved ones through our PC to phone solution. Join the calling card revolution by leveraging on our calling card launching base and get the benefit of easy and hassle free activation, add multifarious value added services and much more!
  • Callback Solution enables providers to offer prepaid and postpaid calling card services in countries where telecom deregulation restricts local use of VoIP.
  • VoIP Termination Solution enables providers with physical points of presence to generate incremental revenues by terminating VoIP calls to the PSTN.
  • Virtual Office Solution enables companies to consolidate their communication infrastructure, reduce monthly telephone bills, and achieve more cohesive corporate image.
  • IP PBX Solution Make inter office and intra office calls at running cost thereby increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of your organisation. In addition to this you can also control per employee usage through our customised reports. This and more at unmatched prices!
  • SMS Delivery Solutions - The easiest and the most effective way of sending marketing and acknowledgment messages is provided by this platform.
  • Wholesale VoIP Solution enables providers to leverage their relationships with multiple carriers and offer exchange services for call origination and termination.
  • Voice over Broadband Solution enables providers to offer telephony services delivered via broadband connections to residential and business customers.

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